Jack the Zipper's Storeroom

Here are the zipped, plain text versions of all stories listed on EvA's Fanfic Page. The stories have been zipped with InfoZip, version 2.2 which should be compatible with almost any now living version of the zip programme. (Ok, I'm using WinZip too these days.)

Star Trek

The Next Generation

  • My Brother's Finder (3K)

  • Back Pages (15K)

  • Android Rights - and Wrongs.. (46K)

  • Machines, vol I (82K)

  • Machines, vol II (105K)

  • Machines, vol III (67K)

  • Hell Hath No Fury... at All (3K)

    Deep Space Nine

  • Cardassian Heat (34K)

  • The Cardassian Connection (60K)

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E / The Prisoner

  • The Village Affair (98K)

    Sapphire & Steel:

  • Bloodstone (21K)

  • Bealtaine (26K)

  • Victuals (24K)

  • The Fall of Darkness (30K)

  • Timeship (87K)

    The X-Files

    I've only zipped the longer stories, since the shortest one is so quickly downloaded anyway.

  • Quiet Invasion (81K)

  • Samhain (38K)

  • Cold Truce (120K)

  • I Never Died, Says He (9K)

  • Resurrection (12K)

  • Agent Ascendens (9K)

  • Woman with No Name (77K)

    John Woo's Once a Thief

  • Shady Succuba (8K)

  • Chess and Roses (37K)

  • After the Fire (7K)

    Tru Calling

  • The Devil You Know (27K)

  • The Unwind (28K)


  • DreamScape (53K)

    The Mentalist

  • Dreams of Red Jane (34K)

    Lord of the Rings

  • Crashing the Ring (8K)

    Arthurian Legends

  • The Mage Unbound (11K)

  • Sir Gawain at the Fisher King's Castle (12K)

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