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Here are the links to the individual stories in an HTML format. If you prefer zipped textfiles, seek out Jack the Zipper. The really short ones (less than 10K) might only be available as HTML.

Star Trek

The Next Generation

  • Machines, vol I (219K)

  • Machines, vol II (285K)

  • Machines, vol III (185K)

  • My Brother's Finder (5K)

  • Back Pages (36K)

  • Android Rights - and Wrongs.. (129K)

  • Hell Hath No Fury... at All (6K)

    Deep Space Nine

  • Cardassian Heat (89K) This story is rated NC-17. If your national law or your mother would object, please don't download.

  • The Cardassian Connection (168K)

    The Man from U.N.C.L.E / The Prisoner

  • The Village Affair (276K)

    Sapphire and Steel

    The first four stories were published in Persistance of Time, #2 in July 1998. The fifth was not.

  • Bloodstone (54K)

  • Bealtaine (71K)

  • Victuals (65K)

  • The Fall of Darkness (83K)

    For zine information, please email editor Lisa Madden at lisaeve@apk.net

  • Timeship (244K)
    This is a multiple crossover between four different universes: S&S, XF, B5, and just a touch of ST. The basis or framework or whatever is S&S, so, until I get around to filing all my crossovers together, it's being treated as an S&S story.

    Time's Transients

    (by Zircon)

    This eminent S&S story is not mine (wish it were) but was written by my very good friend, the inimitable Zircon. Please address any feedback directly to her on this link.

  • Prologue (4K)

  • Chapter 1 (23K)

  • Chapter 2 (21K)

  • Chapter 3 (20K)

  • Chapter 4 (22K)

  • Chapter 5 (20K)

  • Chapter 6 (16K)

  • Chapter 7 (11K)

  • Chapter 8 (22K)

  • Chapter 9 (23K)

  • Chapter 10 (20K)

  • Chapter 11 (21K)

  • Chapter 12 (20K)

  • Chapter 13 (20K)

  • Chapter 14 (22K)

  • Chapter 15 (23K)

  • Chapter 16 (26K)

  • Epilogue (19K)

    Those of you who still haven't seen enough of our favourite time agents, may find them intervening in the adventures of Tru and Jack in a story called The Unwind, in the Tru Calling section below.

    The X-Files

  • After Philadelphia (8K)
    (Just a syrupy little vignette, don't get your hopes up. I don't write X-Files stories really, so this is just a brief example of what I don't write. :) No zipped version, since it is so short. If you'd like a plain text one, just let me know.

  • Quiet Invasion (217K)
    X-Files/Man from U.N.C.L.E crossover story, but as it is more X-Files than MFU, I've listed it accordingly.

  • Samhain (105K)
    Hmm.. seems like I do write XF stories after all.. don't know how that came about.

    Anyway, Mulder, Scully and Krycek are subjected to an experiment which has the effect of linking the three of them telepathically.

  • Cold Truce (330K)
    Mulder has gone missing, and Scully and Krycek form an uneasy alliance with the purpose of locating him, since they both need him back. They are trapped and isolated in the wilderness by the Smoking Man, who as usual has his own agenda. Or rather, Diana Fowley's.

  • I Never Died, Says He (22K)
    Krycek returns, despite all odds and some 15 years later. Guess who he calls. Oh - and Mulder is missing. As usual.

  • Resurrection (29K)
    So how exactly did Krycek survive the events of Existence, thus paving the ground for more fanfic about him?

  • Agent Ascendens (21K)
    An alternate interpretation of The X-Files, based on the assumption that Field Trip is the last 'real' episode and everything after that is hallucinations, caused by the fungus.

  • Woman with No Name (22K)
    The much-awaited sequel to I Never Died, Says He. It sort of grew into a sprawling, multiple crossover. Hope you won't be too disappointed.

    John Woo's Once a Thief

  • Shady Incubus (18K)
    The title really should have been Shady Succuba, but I didn't realize that at the time. Sorry, I'll try to keep better track of my otherworldly creatures in the future.

    Possibly overrated R for not-very-graphic sex.

    The Director is up to her usual tricks, sneaking in on one of her agents at night, just to fluster him. However, this time things don't go exactly as planned..

  • Chess and Roses (104K)
    Another crossover, sorry. This time with The X-Files. I felt it was better off under the OaT heading, because if you're not familiar with OaT, you'll miss half the references, whereas if you are, and you were looking for OaT stories, you probably know The X-Files well enough also.

  • After the Fire (15K)
    After her "three musqueteers" have failed to emerge from an exploding building, the Director realizes something she had not known about herself.

    Tru Calling

  • The Devil You Know (73K)
    If Jack were to die - who would succeed him?

  • The Unwind (77K)
    Who or what is really behind the time loops? Crossover with Sapphire and Steel.


  • DreamScape (147K)

    Mal has succumbed to a strange affliction known to traders as the space sleep, and it looks as if River is the only one who just may be able to help. The situation gets complicated when a mysterious stranger appears; one who has a bone to pick with Mal, and who shares a past with Inara ...

    The Mentalist

  • Dreams of Red Jane (94K)
    Jane is beginning to fear that he himself is Red John. So how come he doesn't know, and how can he find out for sure?

    Lord of the Rings

  • Crashing the Ring (18K)
    Just a silly little spoof ... :)

  • The Kiss (7K)
    And here's an even sillier one ...

    Arthurian Legends

  • The Mage Unbound (26K)
    This is a story I first wrote back in 1992 but which for various reasons didn't make it to my website until ten years later.

  • Sir Gawain at the Fisher King's Castle (86K, PDF)
    Every other decade, these tales are revisited ...


  • The White and the Green
    A vaguely Celtic little tale with a nod to a rather obscure faniverse ...

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