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Illumination, the seventh
When I finished my fifth scroll with the white-vine I was not entirely happy with the vines. They were not symmetrical, nor did they follow a pattern. I just sort of drew them on by hand, hoping they would interlock over-under in the way they're supposed to. I didn't fully succeed so I thought I would give it another go. This time with the colour original I had found.

Step one was laying out the calligraphy and illumination. The writing turned out a little bit better than last time, which is comforting: now I know that I am improving. But I could stand with a little more practice. This time I also added a few extras in the border, a hare (probably?) next to the initial, and a bird down on the lower bar of the border. The adding of color, starting with all the gold, really helps in the appearance of the scroll. Making it look that much more luxurious.

Of course, filling in all of the background with the rich blue really helps to shape up the entire look of the illuminations. It has also been set who is to recieve this award, and when, so I was able to fill those gaps in the calligraphy in. (And we will be nice and not mention that "september" is cut off at the b due to lack of space.)

Then when the coloured areas are filled in with tiny white dots, and the vines have a bit of shading to them, the scoll is nearly complete. Still left to do is some contour touch-up, the signatures - of course - plus erasing all pencil-lines. The last two I can't do much about myself since the former requires the latter.

The finishing touches of going over every line with a steel nib pen and more black paint really gives the whole thing a much shaper profile and focus. Finally a close-up of the hare and parrot in the borders.

Before Double Wars 2005 I put out an offer to finish up any scrolls that I had painted, adding recipient's arms where I had left a blank, and Cristina Stolte took me up on the offer, which enabled me to get the scroll back, and fill in the arms - quite a fiddly little job, but I think it turned out OK in the end.
My seventh scroll, the original I am copying My seventh scroll, The white vine sketched and half-filled in My seventh scroll, some color filled in My seventh scroll, most of the background blue filled in My seventh scroll, about 95% complete, lacking signatures and another go with contour touch-up My seventh scroll, finished! Finished, now with the recipient's arms filled in

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