Thumbnails with FAT borders = Finished piece

Illumination, the sixth
My second assignment to make a scroll is now premiered. The name of the receiver bears some affinity towards dragons so I looked for a scroll with some sort of dragon icon. And I found one from a Psalter finished in the mid 13th century in Paris. Unfortunately I did not think too hard that I need a shield somewhere in there as well, so there was really only one place for it: bottom, right.

For this scroll I wanted to try some real goldleaf-ing, having seen the other scribes doing it and it looks cool! And feels more authentic than using gold gouache. I think that my first try at it looks alright. Definately need more practice though. But I'm generally just phyched I did it for the first time! Whee!

On top of the gold leaf inside the initial I also decided to be daring and try a miniature! Of people! So I looked up another original that I could copy from for that.

Thanks to spending a significant amount of time sitting down to actually do the work on the scroll I managed to do most of the border and big colour areas in one sitting and then finish the whole thing at a third sitting.

My sixth scroll, the original miniature I am copying My sixth scroll, a start My sixth scroll, initial M My sixth scroll, finished

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