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Illumination, the fifth
Starting spring term 2003 also saw the beginning of my first actual scroll made to order including calligraphy and illumination. (No, I don't count the Tolkien one). This scroll was an AoA for Dina de la Planta, whose name is blurred out of the scans not to spoil any surprises.

I didn't want to go with the style I had learned for the Tolkien one and when one of the other participants in the bi-weekly scriptoriums started on Textur (the type used by Guternberg when he first started printing books) I thought it looked very cool so I went with that.

The text didn't turn out entirely horrible, and I also had time to start sketching the illumination for the surround. I went with an Italian style, after an original from the 1460's since the receiver of the AoA seemed to have an Italian name.

Continuing with the scroll, the second saturday I finished the white-vines in the surround, and filled them in with sepia-coloured gouaouche(sp?) colour diluted to be drawn in with a very thin nib. Coloured in the initial M and started with the rest of the colours, beginning with the gold details.

The colours I chose from another original from the same period and of the same style, and some more dedicated time filling in those produced a nearly finished scroll. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. :)

My fifth scroll, a start My fifth scroll, halfway there My fifth scroll, finished

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