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Illumination, the fourth
I have now started on my fourth scroll, which Gro Torstensdotter has done the calligraphy for. We are trying to make some blank scrolls to fill in and hand out as and when needed, so she did the calligraphy for an AoA and asked me to to the illumination. I immediately knew what I wanted to do, since I'd spent some time drooling over these gorgeous scrolls with the acanthus leaves. Filling in all of the details, all of the leaves is time-consuming, but so far looks fairly nice. So when the sketching was done and the outlines filled in in ink, it was time to start adding colour. It looks a bit christmassy right now. I'm hoping that going with red and blue on the vine up the other side will balance that out. I got the other side done in blue and red, and also started shading the leaves. It did start looking a little better with that in place, if I do say so myself :) The shading continues and I also finished that in time to start a little whitework around the edges. It doesn't look so christmassy now, and the shading in white really helps break it up a bit. When all of the shading is in and some of the details on the initial are added it's all starting to come together very nicely.

This scroll was a blank that I did; it was given out at Doublewars XVI to Gyrid Stenkilsdotter, now known as Emoni de la Fère.

My fourth scroll, first sketch My fourth scroll, sketching continued My fourth scroll, adding colour My fourth scroll, started on shading My fourth scroll, shading all but done My fourth scroll, shading all done

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