Thumbnails with FAT borders = Finished piece

Illumination, the third
As a third illumination and calligraphy work I figured I might as well actually do some calligraphy. Since I was talking to a person online who wanted a scroll made, just for fun (yes, I'm that nice) I said OK. The person wasn't sure what they wanted on the scroll however, but when pressed said that a poem by Tolkien would be very nice. So I set about learning Roman Uncials to write with. My first draft was a total botch-so I threw it out and started again. Step two was starting on the illumination to fill up the rest of the space.
And lastly the illumination, and the scroll was fininshed.

Illumination number 3, stage 1 Illumination number 3, stage 2 Illumination number 3, all finished

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