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Illumination, the second
I've just started on my second illumination project, which is after an original from around 1350-60. I started on this one because someone had written in to a fellow scribe requesting a scroll in that style with flowers but no people nor animals.
Stage one was to get the basic structure sketched out on the paper. Stage two consisted of filling in pretty much all of the colour. Stage 3 consisted of redrawing of margins and lines. I used the wrong thing to outline the very first bit on my own so it looks a little not-neat in the top right corner, but the rest looks kinda nice. I wish the lines would have been a little narrower though. But that's alright. I also decided to draw in the initial myself instead of leaving it to Signe who is taking the scroll to add the calligraphy after I am done. I found an initial D in a book which fit in very nicely on this scroll, so I went ahead and started on that. This is basically the finished product, just some minor tweaks left now.

Illumination number 2, original Illumination number 2, sketch Illumination number 2, stage 2 Illumination number 2, stage 3, inspiration Illumination number 2, stage 3, with the D

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