Red Dress My third dress turned out to be a fabulous red dress. Yes the fabric does look rather modern but I love the trim and in a candle-lit setting or around campfires it isn't really noticeable.

Making myself a new dress was made quite easy when Mark had yards and yards of a sparkly, stretchy red fabric and Kerry agreed to let me use her sewing machine and expertise in the making of it.
What I really needed at this point for my third dress was a practical working dress. Unfortunately this fabric does not lend itself to practicality. Nor would Kerry agree to help me make anything but a fabulous court dress out of it, so I went with the court style Norman dress:
This is the same type as my blue dress, except that the blue one doesn't have the rucked bodice, nor the trim on the sleeves. The neckline is also different, but they did differ, probably; there's not much remaining clothes from this period of history. This is a gorgeous dress, nevertheless there are several points on it that I am not entirely happy with, and for my next dress in this style I need to consider:
Some of the nifty things in this dress is how we folded the fabric in quarters and cut the basic body shape out from that. Then
February 18, 2007: Decomissioned - This dress is now gone from my wardrobe - the fabric bled colour horribly and ruined a chemise. It was also too hot to wear comfortably.

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