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2012 June Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation, Aarnimetsä
2012 June 6, Aros Pilgrimage, Aros. Röd Grön's photos
2012 June V.Ä.V.-Gillet, Gyllengran Unofficial event
2012 May Double Wars XXV, Attemark
2012 April Nordmark Coronet Tourney, Aros
2011 December Lucia and Styringheim Baronial Investiture, Styringheim
2011 November Kingdom University, Holmrike
2011 October Garden of Earthly Delights, Knight's Crossing
2011 October Civil War, Juneborg
2011 October Crown, Gotvik
2011 August Aros Historical Fencing Camp, Aros
2011 August Raglan, Mynydd Gwyn
2011 August Medeltidsveckan, Styringheim
2011 June Hägnan/Nordmarks Furstetornering, Frostheim

2011 Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation

As I took over the office of Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences I had a compelling reason to get to Midsummer coronation of Lief and Morrigan in Insulae Draconis. Besides being the first event I visited in our second principality I ran my first Kingdom A&S competition. Travelling there was not so much fun, on account of chosing a low-budget airline, and connecting bus being late, but the company was excellent, the reception warm, and the populace of I.D. as fun as ever. When me and Stigot arrived Raphe had been sent to sit vigil to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Pelican. During Saturday's battle Duke Sven doubled his invading force with the addition of Lord Stigot, but despite this did not manage to win against Insulae Draconis led by Prince Cernac. The sheep of I.D. stays in I.D. The competition was not very hotly contended, one research paper and one scroll, both entered by Lady Aryanhwy.

2011 Double Wars (Katheryn OL, Armand KSCA, Kotte KSCA)
2011 St Egon
2011 12th Night Coronation, Attemark (Vitus & Eleonora)  
2010 November, Aarnimetsä Academy (Helena OL)
2010 Norrskensfesten

2010 Nordmark Civil War

Civil War is usually one of those events when I stay indoor the entire time. It usually rains and is pretty miserable out. But the fighters seem to like it - they don't overheat as much. This time I was in Their Highnesses Eirik and Filippa's retinue though, so when Dorothea Weberin was dubbed a knight on the field as the first female from Drachenwald to this high honour, I was happy to stand behind Their Highnesses and get a nice view of the proceedings. King UlfR and Queen Caoimhe did the deed. And Lord Edricus led one side of the war to victory!

2010 Aros Fencing Camp

The theme this year was Cut and Thrust techniques, classes were taught by Eirik Hårfagre, Cernac the Inspired, Timothy and Arenwald von Hagenburg. I came for the day to teach an unrelated class, and to take pictures of the fencers, and to help eat the feast.

2010 Visby Medieval Week

Another summer in Visby, in the camp at Oskarsstenen. With Filippa and Eirik on the Nordmark thrones it meant I had some light duties as lady-in-waiting, and standing up at court on Friday I thought I was going to melt. There was no shade anywhere at all. The Great Visby Tourney was won by Sir Gilliam, fighting that day for Lady Ingrid Audardottir. This year I drove to the island, having an entire, albeit small, car to fill so managed to bring everything I could imagine I'd ever want for a week of camping.
2010 Hägnan

Double Wars XXIII, May 2010

Drachenwald's first quadruple-Peer, Duke Sven Gunnarsson, KSCA, OL is made a Pelican. I become The Honourable Lady Lia with a straight Grant of Arms, and the war is again won for the only right side, the flat side.

Having been a Lady-in-waiting for Princess Filippa for most of the event I took lots of photos, but still had time to participate in all of the classes I wanted. The weather was not as nice as it could have been, so there was no opportunity to sit on a blanket in the sun and eat cookies. It was also my first Double Wars where Helwig was not in attendance, which was a little sad.

Nordmark Coronet and Wintergames, March 2010

Getting to the event was a little more exciting than I would have liked, when the car with myself, Helwig, Ermingard and Celemon in it died about 50 km south of the site. Thankfully, the journey back home was uneventful. For the Tourney, I brought my camera with a view to document the happening. Edricus again fought for Åsa Fredriksdotter, and delivered two of the coolest shots in the tournament (I thought). It was quite chilly and there was a biting wind whistling through where the fighting was held. The Tourney was won by good friends, Lord Eirik Hårfagre fighting for Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter. The investiture was not until after feast in the evening, and Willhelmina and Franz who were stepping down were quite emotional.

Myself and Helwig led an embroidery workshop in the afternoon, providing materials and patterns for people to try their hand at making largesse items for the Principality or the Kingdom. I helped serve the feast and while I was busy at that task, Willhelmina came to find me and deliver me my "real" malachite pendant. It is quite gorgeous. The big news at this event was when Duke Sir Master Sven Gunnarsson was asked to stand up during feast and it was announced that he would be asked to join the Order of the Pelican at Double Wars, there to sit vigil.

19 December 2009 - Aros Christmas Feast

Sadly no photos available
The Shire arranged for a little Christmas pot-luck dinner. Or rather Anna arranged the use of a place for it and sent out the word. There wasn't a massive storm of people coming, but we were a handful of Shire-people and were also visited by a handful of Nordrike-active people which was delightful. Before the dinner I also taught Tove and Arina (Anna's daughters) how to make fingerloop braids, which they picked up in no time at all.

St Cecilia, Holmrike, December 2009

Sadly no photos available
Lord Nattfari's first attempt to run an event was quite a splendid affair. Being centrally located in Stockholm meant that we had some daytrippers, and the courses in music, singing and dancing were all appreciated. For myself I took recorder for beginners, then two dance classes. I learned to play a handful of medieval songs on my recorder with the help of that starter, and I think I have a couple more dances on my repertoire now. Not enough to teach, but certainly to participate. The banquet was more of an eat and mingle affair, with lots of little bite-sized pieces being presented periodically during dinner time. Mistress Kiriel du Papillion sure can cook! There was a tiny court, presided over by Prince Franz, but it was only to announce a thing or two. My highlight event for the weekend was listening to the choir sing in the stone steps of the old school building. The acoustics were magnificent and the singing was glorious.

Glötagillet V, Gyllengran, October 2009

A small cozy local event for the Shire of Gyllengran. Myself and Helwig took a car and drove up, and we each held a class. Helwig on drafting patterns from Alcega, and me in blackwork embroidery. I also got an apprentice sister here, as Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter accepted the offer from Helwig. Yay!

Drachenwald Fall Crown Tourney, Aventiure, October 2009

Despite continual rain the fall Crown Tourney went off without a hitch and quite beautifully in most cases. The field was fairly even and in the end the title came down between Sir Vitus and Eorl ThorvaldR. Unfortunately Meisterinna Eleonora was again not crowned as Crown Princess as ThorvaldR won fighting for Countess Fiona Wiggins. I was only along to participate and photograph, while my lord Edricus fought in the tournament for the honour of Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter.

Nordmark Civil War, Juneborg, October 2009

I was once again drafted to organize the ladies in waiting for her Majesty during Civil War. This time I got the mad idea that the four of us who had arranged up front to tend to the Queen would dress in her period. Thanks to a timely purchase of an appropriate brocade myself, Mistress Helwig, Viscountess Filippa and Lady Iseult were all dressed in Italian 1480s overgowns for the banquet and dancing. Other big news from Civil War was that the King's side in the war was commanded by Lord Edricus filius Offaeus, and they came out on top. This was also where Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter and myself signed my apprentice contract, witnessed by Her Royal Majesty Queen Judith of Drachenwald and His Highness Prince Franz of Nordmark. The contract is a proper indenture and after both halves were signed I cut it apart and Helwig keeps one half and I the other.

Aros Historic Fencing Camp and Scriptorium, August 2009

The fencing camp started by Master Arenwald and Lady Signe was in danger of not going forth this year, as the pair have temporarily relocated to Lochac, but Mistress Celemon and Viscountess Ermingard decided to take over the reigns for a year and organized a smallish fencing camp here in Aros. My job there was to organize the simultaneous Scriptorium at the event, so I brought all of my books and supplies and taught quite a few interested bodies how to decipher a new ductus while teaching them how to write a pretty nice batarde hand.

Visby Medieval Week, August 2009

I managed to get to Visby this year as well, although I arrived early on Monday morning, as in 2 in the morning. Thankfully my pavilion had other transportation and when I arrived on site it was already ably set up by my Lord with the help of friends. The weather for most of the week was spectacular, and the shopping was as usual tempting. I only got two wooden boxes this year, to use as sewing kits for a more period look at events. We had organized a mostly Aros shire encampment with the addition of Nylöse just behind us, and we continued our tradition of a pot-luck feast in camp which was spectacularly pleasant and contained a mountain of food. The camp is no longer situated at Galgbacken, but rather on an old military exercise field called Oskarsstenen, which is on completely the wrong side of town, so most days we took the car into town or stayed in camp. One of the days myself and Teffaine hopped on the horse and carriage and rode into town, and the same back again. That was quite enjoyable and a good little financing scheme for the horse-owners.

Hägnans Medeltidsdagar, July 2009

The Shire of Frostheim puts on a five day event every year at the open air museum Hägnan in Luleå. In return for opening the place to the public between 10 and 17, and charging a nominal fee for visitors, the Shire can host us in a wonderful pastoral setting. For the first time I attended the event as a worker, and my job was to sit at the row of artisans and embroider so that the public could ask me questions and view what I was doing. Besides embroidering I also carved a casting original, to produce a seeblatt pendant. Helping SvartulvR with the smelting oven we cast one in silver and one in bronze using sand moulds just like viking age metalworkers. The evenings were our own and thanks to the wonderful mix of friends on site it was a marvellous summer event. The hayloft in particular was entirely too much fun, and I managed to lose my first malachite somewhere in its depths right in front of Prince Franz who was the one who gave me that award.

Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation, June 2009

Despite good intentions I myself took no photos at all at Midsummer Coronation. It was an extended event, starting on Thursday, and camping to boot. I brought my little pavilion and Edricus and me slept in there fairly comfortably. I also brought my new bench and stool for camp furniture. Most of my time on Thursday and all of Friday was spent running around organizing the final details of Helwig Ulfsdotter's Laurel Vigil. I had ended up, somehow, the coordinator of all things to do with the vigil after Double Wars, as so many people approached me wanting to help Helwig on her big day.

The vigil went well and Helwig sat, busy with visitors from the moment she got there until five minutes before court when we forcibly threw out the last person and closed the vigil. The entire event was Viking themed, and I wore a horrible mixture of period, topped with a sort of apron dress, and my glasses still on. Decidedly not looking my best, but Crowns and Coronets take no notice of such things and I was called up in both Principality and Kingdom court to receive The Nordmark Malachite from Franz and Willhelmina and Queen's Order of Courtesy from Cecilia respectively. I was only there to see Helwig be elevated to the Order of the Laurel, and I felt unworthy but so very grateful.

On Saturday, which was my day to do nothing I sat on a blanket in the sun and chatted lazily with friends, witnessed the stepping down of Marcus and Cecilia and the Coronation of Gerhardt and Judith (wearing the yellow silk dress with black silk dragons appliquéd), and in the evening ate until I was ready to burst.

Double Wars 22, May 2009

Double Wars xxii will be remembered by me as the event we appliqued flimsy black silk dragons to a large yellow silk dress. Also notable was seeing my head of household, Richard the Rampant, for the first time in four years. Among the many worthy gentles called up at court, most notable may well be said to be Master George FitzHume's elevation to the Knighthood. He added KSCA to the OL in the alphabet soup after his name - Vivat!
In areas of responsibility I was Mistress of the List for the Nordmark Coronet Tourney - an exciting tourney with Sir Franz von Hohenklingen winning for Lady Willhelmina Weydehartz. I also held a class on proper 16th century hairstyles. It was more of a workshop and I brought pins and cotton ribbons and my attendees got to try to put their hair up and try on different headwear on top. I think I converted a few people. Enough at least that a couple of other ladies came to find me for a private lesson later in the week.
The specially invited guest this year was Duke Paul of Bellatrix, a legend in the SCA, who held fighting classes all day, every day, teaching anyone who would learn from him. He was also a gentle man and I enjoyed chatting, as we shared sleeping quarters (four person room which myself, Edricus, Duke Paul and Lady Teffaine shared).
The second time I cried happy tears during this event was at Feast, when my good friend Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter was called up and given a writ for the Laurel, to sit vigil at Midsummer Coronation. The entire hall was cheering for a good long while when that was announced.

Queen's Demand, April 2009

Low-key and lovely, an event visited by around 35-40 people where the lead-word was cozy. Three fighters armoured up on the day, and at Queen's Court in the evening, Hedvig Bosdotter of Aros was given an Award of Arms, and Mickel Biornsson recieved the Orden des Lindquistringes, which made the court herald, Master George FitzHume, quite choke up with feeling. It was a lovely moment, and a well-deserved award.

Drachenwald 12th Night Coronation, January 2009

On the occasion of the coronation of Marcus II, rex, and Cecilia Jaeger, regina, we travelled to the Shire Aventiure. At the very short Friday night court, there was but one point of order: Inviting Baron Vitus Polonius to sit vigil to contemplate elevation to the Knighthood the following day. For the event I had one scroll assignment, a Queen's Order of Courtesy that Queen Fiona wanted given to the Signet Scribe, Trinite Ducalon. It was not entirely finished, but looked

Nordmark Civil War, September 2008

I spent the event being head lady-in-waiting to Queen Fiona, and took no photos to speak of. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun. At this event, Lord Edricus received a Silver Guard, along with Lord Atli, and I exhibited my latest Sture Shirt in the A&S display - and gave it away to Lady Askatla as a present. She was quite happy about that. All part of my evil plan to see her in late period clothing.

Visby Medieval Week, August 2008

For the first time ever I was camping in a pavilion I made myself, and to my relief and gratitude it held up to the horrible weather we had. It rained nearly the entire week of Visby, with breaks now and again for the sun and some wind. The Styringheim camp was larger than usual, and we had to expand to the archery range area to fit all the pavilions on the site. Tournaments were held as usual, and I made myself useful at several of them, acting as runner or helping to run the list. On the Coronet tourney on the Thursday, however, I was merely a spectator. This was the first outing of the pair of coronation copes that myself and Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter made for the Principality, and for my own part, I think they added greatly to the atmosphere. One of my favourite memories from this year's Medieval week was seeing my own shadow being cast on the cobblestones of the inner city. Less pleasant memory is accompanying Lord Edricus to the emergency room because his hand needed stitches after a run-in with a very sharp axe.

Double Wars XXI, April/May 2008

Another year, another Double Wars - and what an event! We had the extra special guest to satisfy the scribal geeks (me for one). The shire of Attemark had managed to get Master RanthulfR asparlundR to come to Double Wars to teach classes on natural pigments, their making and use of; book-binding; ink making; heavy weapon's fighting and general inspiration. I attended all of his classes, except where I was scheduled to teach one myself, and I learned quite a bit.

The site was again Tostarpsgården just south of Hässleholm, Sweden. The weather held nice for the entire week and we got to see all of the trees go from bare, brown branches to a vibrant spring green when all the leaves sprouted while we were on site. The much appreciated party concept of Girl's Night was held on the first Sunday evening (unless it was Monday), and despite the appearance of large scary burka-dressed "ladies" offering everyone the Melon, was a howling success. They claimed to be Jehovi's Witnesses (our Queen Jovi was hosting the party). Sir Franz in knecht-shorts as bartender mixed many a fine drink from the left-overs of Duke Matthew's liqour cabinet (he was moving to the states and needed help clearing it out). There were rumours of Jennifer Connelly sightings, but an unmasking showed it was young Lord Atli!

Many tournaments were fought; this year's Brighthelm tourneys were won by Sir Padraig (heavy) and Lady Solá (rapier). The prize in the Queen's Rose Tourney was a lovely silver rose, awarded to Lord Bjare from Gotvik. There was also an Unbelted tourney and King Sven's Five Man Melee tourney. The Righteous and Right Flat side won the Knäckebröd War and there was much rejoicing. I joined in to help our side win one War point by participating in the costume parade clad all in green. The sides had colours associated to them this year: Flat side was green, Holy side was yellow. Sir Franz von Hohenklingen who was responsible for organizing the War did so magnificently, making sure everyone got to participate and watch the goings on as much as possible.

In other news; awards were handed out, Åsa Fredriksdotter was taken as protegé by Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz, I held my first ever SCA class on the Sture shirts, and I won the A&S competition by entering my cross-stitched apron embroidery. I got to take two hand blown glasses with me home as my prize!

Drachenwald 12th Night Coronation, January 2008

Technically, I have now visited Gotvik, as this year's 12th Night Coronation was organized by that lovely shire, even though the site was technically in Aros or Holmrike. I had a most delightful time at the event and many pleasant things happened. Katheryn Hebenstreiz was elevated to the Order of the Pelican, Cis de Conway got a plain GOA, and my tall hat was an instant hit! The stewards had also extended the event so that it started on Thursday evening already, and that gave the 30 or so people who came early a very extra nice evening of socialising. The main event was, of course, the stepping down of Alaric and Nerissa and coronation of Sven and Jovi as rightful King and Queen of Drachenwald. There were quite a few courts, but none was too long, and there was never any stress to run between one thing and the next. Although the feast was quite long, the food was served forth efficiently and with minimal delay - and all of it was delicious, especially the saffron fudge. Other things to note was that Duchess Alessandra Melusine brought me a replacement glass, and Viscount William said that he has been working on getting Sir Franz to join him when he comes to Aros' sewing circle Saturdays. Also, now Duke and Duchess, Alaric and Nerissa were very pleased with the event stewards for producing snowfall for their stepping down.

Nordmark Coronet Tourney, November 2007

Nordmark Coronet Tourney in a medieval castle, Bollerup. How much more authentic can you get? The surroundings were wonderful for atmosphere, and the tourney was held in the gravelled courtyard of the site. Although a bit chilly, most everyone there was well-dressed and withstood the damp weather with good cheer. The tournament was a grand affair with ten couples entering. Coming out with no losses at the end of the round-robin tournament was Sir Cormac Lawless O'Toole, who fought in the final against Sir Marcus Eisenwald (with one loss). The two closest competitors each lost three (Sir Franz von Hohenklingen and Lord Fardäng Skvaldre). The day was won by Cormac, inspired by his lady Yrla Kristersdotter. The most memorable moment of the while event was when Sir Marcus received the final, killing, blow to the head and removed his helmet while Sir Cormac stood frozen with his sword drawn back after the fine delivery. Sir Marcus then apologised to his inspiration, Lady Erid, on not elevating her further, and conceded to Sir Cormac as the better man. There's the romance I looked for in the SCA, it is included at the end of Albrecht's Video part 2.

Visby Medieval Week, 2007

This year's version of Visby Medieval Week was a bit shorter than usual for me as the earliest I could come to the island was Monday night of the Week Itself. But the rest of the week was spent in pleasant lazying about doing as little as possible in the shade. I only wandered out of camp on a couple of days; on Wednesday to attend the Great Visby Tournament, in which Edricus fought for me, which Lord Sigfuss won in a final against Count Padraig. Two more trips saw me doing very little shopping at the market, and the only things I brought back with me were a glass jug, lots of tea and a few yards of white linen.

On Friday night Aros had a little potluck feast under Johann and Helwig's sunroof, in lieu of the Styringfest. Attending were Sir Johann and Viscountess Helwig, Sir Elfin, Viscount Bengt and Hedvig, Viscountess Ermingard, Fru Aleydis, Budde and Maja, Lord Arend and Elisabet, and myself. Later we were joined by others who helped us eat some of the leftovers. The dinner was nearly wholly period and we finished it with waffles cooked over an open fire!

On Thursday's court I was called before Their Majesties Alaric and Nerissa and inducted in the Order of the Panache, along with another shire member who was not present, and given a lovely scroll on which the lady looks much like I do, dressed the same way even! At that court, Earl Marcus Eisenwald was also led off to sit vigil contemplating elevation to the Chivalry. That was done, along with Master Haakon's laurelling on Friday night's court. One of the highlights of the event was in the line for the vigil HRM Queen Nerissa initiated a round table conversation concerning the chivalric virtues, and other peerage qualities. It was most enjoyable and quite educational.

Double Wars XX, 2007

Double Wars! What a magnificent event. The weather mostly cooperated with us, the site was cozy, everything within shouting distance for a good voice herald, and merriment and deeds of honour were in abundance. On the war front, the flat side, commanded by THL Robert of Canterbury (ecce planum!), was defeated by the holy side, led by Lady Alma von Hardewyk. The Lillies, led by THL Odo de Home were defeated by the Falcons, led by Lord XX

A most amusing sight was to be had on the days when Duke Radnor from the West Kingdom held his slow-work fighting class. Nearly every able-bodied fighter could be spotted out on the field mimicing the movements demonstrated by His Grace. I premiered my Bob outfit to much amusement (admittedly most of it mine). I also met a Knight recently moved back into the Kingdom who immediately brought to mind, in every way, why I joined the SCA in the first place. I will hopefully have learned a few new names as well as put faces to names I previously knew. This year, myself and Viscountess Helwig hosted an Aros sewing workshop on Monday where we produced a number of needlebooks for Their Highnesses to give out as tokens, and I was most gratified to see two of them put to use in Saturday's court.

Court activity, most notably Lord Haakon was put on vigil for the Laurel in a separate court on Friday evening, to be elevated at a later date when Their Royal Majesties are present. Viscountess Ermingard received the Nordmark service award, as well as the A&S award (which it turned out she had already). Lord Rickard Rättrodig also received the Nordmark service award, much deserved, and a few other awards were also given out, thought I cannot remember them now.

2007 Drachenwald Spring Crown Tournament

The Shire of Juneborg knows how to put on a good event. This year's first Crown Tournament was held on a beautiful spring day, warm enough to lounge with a nice breeze to cool you off. There were eleven couples entering Their Majesties Maximilian and Margerite's Heir tournament and the final between Jarl Sir Sven Gunnarsson and Earl Sir Alaric of Bangor was won by the latter, inspired by his lady Comtess Mistress Nerissa de Saye. Vivant for the new Royal Highnesses!

The feast was expertly run and the delicious food served forth by a coordinated staff, who also provided bowls to empty scraps in between the three servings and rose water to wash the hands in. All banquets should be so well managed! The refreshments provided on the list field were no less magnificent, being served from pottery jugs and gilt goblets by liveried servants with clean linen napkins. The dancing after court, led by Mistress Judith was well attended and many gentles enjoyed themselves to the sounds of the accomplished musicians. His Majesty's court was filled with accolades for the shire, and in his wisdom Our King saw fit to induct no less than three viscountesses into the Order of the Panache.

Nordmark University III, 2007

Third year running the shire of Holmrike has arranged Nordmark University, and for the third time it was one of the best events. The site was new this year, and everything except court and the banquet was in one building, and the distance to walk to the feasthall was approximately five metres. The classes and workshops were all wonderful, and the people were nice. This is one event that will remain on my own calendar for as long as it is held.

Civil War, 2006

Civil War is an old tradition in Nordmark - and this year was my first visit to said event. I heard it said that they fielded 54 or so heavy fighters which made it a record year. The site, Sägnernas Hus, was used for the second year and I can say many good things about it, and the fact that it can hold many more participants for future events is among them.

I spent a very mellow event, working on a partlet and had many gentles come up and admire my whitework embroidery, though the item that wowed the most was a recreation of the large tapestry embroidered with gilt leather (original housed at Historiska) that one gentle apparently has been working on for over a decade - and it was splendid indeed.

Medieval Week, 2006

My event schedule for this year did not at first include the Styringheim Tent Camp at Medieval Week in Visby. It was not included in the plan up until two hours before I was picked up for said event. Despite a short lead-time for packing I managed to bring everything essential and the event was a splendid roast of all the peoples of Nordmark and Nordrike. The sun did not let up even for a minute! Despite this I come away with a renewed appreciation for all things woolen.

For the third year running Nordmark and Nordrike shared the campsite and we were divided up into quiet and party camping rather than by society and this worked rather well. The only thing about the organization that I would question was the feast that the Medieval Week council forced upon Styringheim to hold in camp. The same people that did the tavern on site last year was there again and their breakfasts were good as were their dinners. Well worth the comparatively low cost. If I go again and they offer the same deal, I am definately booking an all-inclusive for site fee and meal-plan in one.

Double Wars XIX, 2006

Once again the people of Drachenwald flock to the Shire of Attemark for a week of camping, revelry, tournaments and wars! I had such a fantastic time at last year's Double Wars (my first one) that I simply had to come back this year. Myself and Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter made our plans for getting to the site on the first Saturday by train, just like we did last year, and it went splendidly. Despite the intermittent but seemingly neverending rain, the week was nearly as much fun as last year. Being on a new site always brings about new and unanticipated problems. We were a bit spread out in four different cabins plus the camping area.

Notable happenings: I was asked to join Brighthelm on Sunday, sadly one of the founding members of Brighthelm, Gytha Haideesdottir (Gytha North), lost her battle with cancer on the Wednesday. Young Lord Atli in Ungi became a member of the Order of the White Portal (VPV), Peregrin recieved Saladin's ring, the Honourable Lord Odo de Home received the Chevron of Nordmark, Lord Antonio di Rienzo had misplaced his mistress Mariella and instead brought his dogsbody/cook Kit. The not-flat side won the Knäcke war. Count Padraig won both the light and heavy Brighthelm tourneys and I was able to thoroughly try out the concept of pattens which turns out to be 200% better than I could have imagined.

Nordmark Coronet Tourney II, 2006

Having the original coronet tourney embarassingly fail due to lack of participants Nordmark needed a second tourney to determine the next Prince and Princess. My shire, Aros, decided to take on the task, and the event was announced as the first weekend of May. The skies were clear blue, the temperature was upward of 25 C, and there were seven noble warriors who fought for their ladies' honour. The final stood between Viscount Sir Brendan (from Holmrike) fighting for Viscountess Anna Laresdotter and Viscount Bengt (from Aros) fighting for Viscountess Ermingard Hawenthorn, with Sir Brendan coming out as the winner after two short bouts. At the event the Sewing circle ladies of Aros presented the new coronets with a giftbasket of small items made by us to be given out to deserving members of the populace at the Prince and Princess' discretion.

As I myself was working in the kitchen for most of the event, I left the camera in the hands of Viscountess Filippa, who has taken all but a handful of the photos in the gallery.

Nordmark University II, 2006

Continuing on last year's success with Nordmark Univeristy, the same event staff decided another go would be keen. Site booked and classes scheduled, it was a slightly smaller event than last year, but still lots of fun classes to attend. For myself I went to the lecture/workshop held by Lady Cristina Stolte on "Buttons, eyelets and dress accessories 1250-1400", Lady Anna de Byxe's "SCA History" lecture and in the afternoon enjoyed myself in the bronze casting workshop with Lord Björn Sneskägg learning how to do viking era casting with the cire perdue method. In a short court two new members of the Order of the Golden Ribbon were created; Lady Cristina Stolte and Viscountess Anna Laresdotter. Vivant! The Princess also claimed the shire of Gyllengran as hers (giving the Prince visitation rights) and created her herald Fardäng as Grand Bastard of Gyllengran, catching him completely off guard, with no priviliges until such time as the world ends, or she steps down.

Drachenwald Fall Crown Tournament, 2005

The Fall Crown tournament was slotted for Scandinavia and the Shires of Holmrike and Aros took on the hosting responsibilities. The weather was very nice, and the trees were all looking splendid in golds, oranges and reds. Tournament was fought as a round-robin with Jarl Sven fighting for Countess Thora coming out on top.

Medieval Week, 2005

Visby Medieval Week this year was an event I was not sure I wanted to attend. However, when friends promised the use of their pavillion for myself and Elisabeth I decided it would be worth going. So, one week of the Styringheim camp, this year much closer to town and with a very nice tavern on site for breakfasts and dinners. In all, it was enjoyable, but not as much fun as Double Wars. I only came home with some metres of fabric and no trinkets to speak of, unlike last year. It also rained rather heavily during the nights, and especially so on the night between Monday and Tuesday, which left the camp damp for the rest of the week, and gave me a real appreciation for all things woolen.

Double Wars XVIII, 2005

Every year, Attemark puts on the Double Wars event and this year was to be my first. I went down on the train, spent alot of time in good company, watched plenty of heavy fighting, fencing and a little bit of archery and generally just revelling in the wonderful experience of living in the current middle ages, outside of time. To top it all off, the Nordmark Coronet was also decided and it is the third Aros reign in a row! Vivant for William and Filippa!

Nordmark University 2005

In the shire of Holmrike a principality University was arranged for January 2005. There were classes and workshops of different kinds, and the King and Queen, as well as Nordmark's Prince and Princess were in attendance to hold court and recognize worthy gentles. A feast was also served up, and thereupon followed much merriment and dancing.

Medieval Week 2004

Every year, week 32, Visby transforms into a medieval town, and each year Styringheim arranges a medieval tent-camp, in which only period pavilions are allowed and the magic is never far off. I partook in the court as a lady-in-waiting for Princess Helwig of Nordmark in my just finished Tudor court gown, as well as partaking in much shopping and viewing of mighty feats of arm.

Feast of St.Bruno, The extended edition, 15 - 18/7 2004

Most of the fun at an event happens on friday, and that's why the shire of Aros has created an extended one. You'll get fighting and university plus a lot of extra material from Thursday night to sunday noon. Fighting will last two days. During Friday excursions will be held to the cathedral museum and it's collection of medieval textiles, and the university library and its collection of medieval books. University and fighting will continue unabated during Saturday. Food for great women and men will be served hot from the cauldrons of UlfR. If the weather allows, the banquet will be served under the stars.

Vinterspelen 2004 Gyllengran

On a fantastically sunny and warm winter day in March, the shire of Gyllengran held the Winter Games event and it was a grand old feast. The food was delicious and filling and seeminly neverending. The winter games were honest(?) and good clean fun. Nobody had to go to the emergency room following the sled-back riding. And it all ended with the treasure-hunt which the clever ladies of my shire, Aros, won!
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Aros Christmas Feast 2003

This fall the Shire of Aros has been expanding a little. Some new members have come, that we are still trying to coax to events. The last official thing for the Shire was the traditional Christmas Feast on the 19th of December 2003. I wasn't expecting much, but when UlfR is involved you know the food is going to be delicious and he brought with him books of medieval recepies for the Tuesdaymeeting before the feast so we could get ideas. The heavy fighters of Aros also took this opportunity to hold the Aros Champion Tournament. And since the Prince and Princess of Nordmark are shiremembers we also held a little court in which Elizabeth (mka Veronica) got her AoA! Whee! She's been very helpful to all of the fighters and have held regular armour-building saturdays in her garage.

Drachenwald Kingdom University 2003

The Kingdom University of Drachenwald was the largest University Event yet in Drachenwald and we had classes from ten am until five pm on saturday in seven classrooms simultaneously! Can we say "difficult to decide where to be"? Yes, thought we could!! There were lots of excellent people there, and since it is an A&S event most everyone was wearing such spiffy garb I got quite jealous and awed and inspired.

At some point I definitely must make myself an Elizabethan or other corseted gown. And I must finish the cote I'm working on. And make another stab at a bliaut, and. and and and...

An Tir Dragon's Down 2003

The Dragon's Down is a yearly event and I went to it last year as well, that time I camped. This year Lynda and myself daytripped there.

An Tir Sport of Kings 2003

The Sport of Kings was a quite nice little event at which I met some other scribes and did some charter painting. I wouldn't call myself proud of the work I did on it, but I had a good time doing it anyway, plus I saw some nice pieces of garb.

An Tir July Coronation 2003

The July Coronation was held outside Tenino in Washington State. I went with Kerry, Nan, Sandy and Stacy and had a most wonderful time!

An Tir / West War 2003

The 2003 edition of the An Tir/West War. I attended it with Mark's brother Steve with his wife and a handful of other friends.

Kristoffersmäss Aros 2003

Aros had been getting an influx of new members and decided that it would be lots of fun to arrange a smaller, local, beginners event. A date was set, march 15 and since it was St Kristoffer's day the event was dubbed : Kristoffersmäss. Much fun was had and this is the event where I recieved my AoA!

Drachenwald Crown Tourney 2002

That fall when I returned to Sweden I joined our local group, The Shire of Aros and attended my first Drachenwald event, the fall Crown Tournament which, conveniently enough, was held here in Aros.

An Tir July Coronation 2002

For the July Coronation event, Naria (mka Nan), Aelwyn (mka Kerry) and Melinda (mka Sandy) invited me to go with them for the weekend. Camping. I immediately jumped on that opportunity - my first camping event! Yay! And I had the best time there. Joe and Shae and one of their friends also joined us in camp late on friday night. This was also where we met Chris.

An Tir Ducal War 2002

At my first proper big event, The An Tir Ducal War 2002, I wore a piece of garb I was lent by Lianna. Perfectly acceptable garb, except they were middle eastern and had pants. Not my preferred style of medieval clothes really. But that didn't hinder me from having a good time and starting to understand what this whole SCA thing was about.

An Tir Dragon's Mist Defenders Tourney 2002

I think the first event I attended was the DMDT - The Dragon's Mist Defenders Tourney. Just a little taste of what it can be like in the SCA, Sean (mka Mark) and myself daytripped.

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