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My Writing Desk
DRAWING I saw a few pictures on the internet, through a mailing list I am on, showing medieval writing desks, that illuminators used to get their work at an appropriate angle. I was so inspired I asked my father to make the first of the desks on this page (now hosted by Reocities) for me. The layout of that portable desk (now hosted by Reocities) shows changed details in the side-panels compared to the illumination that inspired it, but I wanted the early look, so I have gone with the arches as the illumination shows.

Working with my father at the computer doing the drawing in autocad I described what I wanted and he made sure it was doable. In the end we got a very nice looking little portable, stackable scribal desk planned (pictured here).

An added feature of it is that I can pick it together into three heights. Either just the top part with the writing surface at an angle, or with the surface plus the bottom piece, or lastly all three sections put together in a tall desk that I fit underneath for sitting in a chair at events. The first option I wanted so I could use it on a table to get the optimal angle. The wood used to make this is beech. It has a very nice lustre to it.

Some pictures of the as yet -very- rough and unfinished desk:
Some more pictures of the desk nearing completion. Final polish and waxing still left to do: Scribal desk
Pictures of the desk with a first buffing of the wax:
Pictures of the pieces and finished item: Desk in use

From Desk To Table
Desk no more - Table! In order to get maximum use of this portable scribal desk I thought to myself, would it not be beyond cunning to be able to have the writing surface lay flat and use it as a table? It would be, and I shared my thoughts with my carpenter who planned the piece needed for the writing surface to rest on horizontally. Thus, with the change-out of the top side-pieces a writing slant can be transformed into the perfect table for SCA camp life. It even comes with carrier bag already designed and made.

The Carrier bag

Carrier bag Making the desk portable makes it very very cunning. But even more cunning is to make a custom-made carrier for it. So I went out and got some canvas for the project. I had made the plans so I knew it needed about a metre and a half to make. And indeed, we had just enough over when cutting out the pieces.

Folding X-Chair The Chair

To go with this fabulous table I of course needed a chair, so, my father fashioned one in the simplest of all shapes, the folding X-chair. The materials for this one is again beech for the legs, and the dowel to support the seat is oak - the garage had a length of it in the right diameter and since it does not really show on the piece it worked just fine.

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