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Things I do in the SCA

Events (Updated June 2012)

Often when I go to events I bring my camera, and take snapshots. Mostly the images are documentary to what happened.

Illumination and calligraphy (Updated September, 2012)

Is the first of the crafts I picked up when I joined the SCA. Aros held regular scribal evenings where I got good advice and learned good habits. Each piece of work that came out of the Aros Scriptorium was colour-copied and kept on file, and as usual I took photos, something I continued with even when the official scriptoriums ended.

Clothes (Updated August, 2012)

I admit that one major reason to join the SCA was to get to wear pretty dresses. Thanks to the bi-weekly sewing Saturdays in Aros my wardrobe grew fast, and I am still working on completing it so that I have appropriate clothes for all occasions.

Crafts (Updated November, 2012)

Other crafty bits I do are braiding, embroidery and some wood-working. I find embroidery much like illumination, a very relaxing thing to do in small doses, and my favourite techniques are the counted stitches.

The persona

More documentation for my name can be found on its own page. Including my SCA track record.


The SCA, short for the Society for Creative Anachronism, is a society for people who like the middle ages. Roughly the SCA deals with the pre 17th century Western Europe, so it's a little more than just the middle ages. Actually, Western Europe is also modified to say 'and any cultures that pre 17th century Europeans knew about and had contact with'.

The SCA is a worldwide organization, there are people all over who have started local subgroups that are all a part of this wonderful society.

The hierarchy is basically from the worldwide group, the SCA, to the European subgroup which is The Kingdom of Drachenwald. Sweden is organized in a Principality, Nordmark, under the Kingdom and the group I am a member of in Uppsala, is the Shire of Aros.

For more information about what we do, check out any of those links, or take a glance at the SCA Demo website.

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