INTERRAIL, 5-23 JULY, 2007

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July 7th. A trip to Gernrode.

This morning I stayed a long time in bed. Nice! The breakfast meal at Pension Gellert gives you more than enough to eat, so you don´t need to go hungry. After a shopping round I took the the train to Gernrode, with changes in Halberstadt and Quedlinburg. From there you can travel with the charming steam trains from Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. But you can´t use the Interrail ticket, you buy the ticket in advance or on the train.

Quedlinburg Hbf - departure time 13:30! This engine transported me to Gernrode. At the right: interior of a car. RC-3D


About Gernrode (Wikipedia) Map Tourist Information

Weather-torn sign at the old railway station. RC-3D

The new railway station. At the far right is the old station building, a slightly decayed brick house.

The old railway station was interesting to see. The house was locked, but it seemed as it still was in use.

The old railway station: waiting room. At the right: Tracks and platform is overgrown; the clock forever standing at 12.

Time to walk to the town. Gernrode station is in the outskirts; the walking distance is about 1,5 kilometer to the center. There was no problems to find the way. During the walk you can see the world´s biggest wood thermometer.

At the right path, as you can see. Which not always is the case with frogs. Kindly enough, there is a warning sign. RC-3D

A good reason for visiting Gernrode, is to see the beautiful church, "Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus". So that was the next step after the walk to the Gernrode center. Here it turned up that you have to pay a fee of 6 euro if you wanted to take video or pictures of the interior. This time I payed the fee, there was free entrance, the church really is fine and well worth a visit. If I had not taken film and pictures, I had probably put the money on a picture book or something else. RC-3D1 RC-3D2

St. Cyriakus at a distance. RC-3D At the right: Look how the rain has eroded the roof and coloured the wall stones green.

Now time for a piece of food. Bratwurst it turned out to be, on a pension across the street. Plenty of food! I payed the bill and went away to see "Kuckucksuhren" at Harzer Uhrenfabrik. It´s a cuckoo-clock factory. On the way I passed the city hall and a beautiful churchyard, and then I suddenly ran right into the Harzer Uhrenfabrik..

It turned out to be too late for a visit and round-trip (it closed at 17:00), but you can see the outside. There was the world´s largest weather house, with a certifikate from "Guinness Book of Records" around the corner. And a, not large enough, it seems - cuckoo-clock. The cuckoo came out every 15th minute.

The biggest "wetterhaus", the almost biggest cuckoo-clock RC-3D, and the cuckoo, here calling at 17:15.

Now all clocks turned against the evening, and the sun disappeared. Time to walk back to the station soon! A light rainshower came, an icecream vas ordered just in time on a café and the rain passed by.

Two examples of Gernrode architecture.

Far too early I was back at the railway station. But there was some remains from the DDR time there to examine. Finally, the train came in. Because it could not turn where it came from, it now drowe backwards. You can see that on the next picture, taken from the front of the first car. After a slight delay we left for Quedlinburg and after two changes I was back in Wernigerode. And eventually I got my beer-with-a-view at the city wall! RC-3D See 360 degree panorama


To Magdeburg, July 8th

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